Culinary Explorations with Chef Wade

Maple Tapping
Maple Tapping
Apple Pressing
Apple Pressing

Maple Tapping with Chef Wade

Ever wondered how that delicious maple syrup you drizzle all over your pancakes come from? Learn more about maple tapping from our resources below! 

Pickling with Chef Wade

Pickling is a brilliant solution for preserving a plethora of vegetables from the market or your garden. Learn more about pickling from our resources below!

  • Pickling Vegetables: Part 1 Video
  • Pickling Vegetables: Part 2 Video
  • Pickling Brine Recipe 
  • "Pickle All the Way" Blog

Apple Pressing with Chef Wade

Chef Wade and his culinary team have a personal commitment to sustainability. Cheakamus apples are used in our signature sauces, marinades, pie fillings and baked goods. Apples are also served as healthy snacks to students and guests!

  • Apple Oatmeal Square Recipe
  • "Apple Pressing is in Session" Blog

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