Corporate & Group Volunteering

Combine corporate social responsibility, team building and fun - all in one!

Contact us for group volunteer activities that support environmental education and conservation, and your organization’s social sustainability goals.

Team activities that inspire, while giving back to the community and the planet include:

  • Restoring vital habitat for salmon, eagles and other wildlife;
  • Renovating outdoor classrooms for young learners;
  • Refurbishing facilities for special needs summer camps;
  • Repairing nature trails, bridges, boardwalks, and more!

Group volunteer activities are available as a full day, half day and convenient two-hour add-ons to a meeting or retreat. They are easily scalable to accommodate most group sizes, and can be tailored to incorporate specific business goals. All activities offer great business visibility and PR opportunities. Enhance your charitable event with a catered lunch or BBQ, or celebrate success with a wrap-up reception.

Cheakamus Centre requests a donation to participate in our corporate volunteer program. Funds provide the necessary supplies and tools, and cover the costs associated with staff to plan, host and facilitate the on-site volunteer activity. Donation requirement is waived if catering and/or programming is added on to the volunteer activity.

We greatly appreciate the generous support of our corporate partners, and are pleased to provide recognition through our e-newsletter, website, and social media.

Check out BCAA Volunteer Day for great examples of corporate and group volunteer opportunities.

To add a charitable component to your next off-site meeting or event, or to plan a company-wide day of service, please contact:

Cathy Jenkins
Project Manager, Campus Renewal

Upcoming and ongoing volunteer opportunities perfect for groups:

  • Farm-tastic Party – Pitch in with building and repairing fences, caring for animals and other special group activities that help maintain our teaching farm and gardens.
  • Forest Hoedown – Make a meaningful contribution to the natural environment through ecological restoration projects, invasive species removal, and trail maintenance.
  • Boardwalk Bash - Take your team outside and help rebuild our floating boardwalk and wildlife observation platforms, and help kids get in the habitat!