Counsellor FAQs

How do I become a counsellor?

Fill out an online application form. We will check with your school counsellor to approve your application, and an automatic email will be sent to your parent contact notifying them you have applied. If your application is approved by Cheakamus Centre, you will be contacted about attending a training weekend.

I go to a high school outside of North Vancouver. Can I still become a counsellor?

Yes. While the property is owned by the North Vancouver School District, counsellors come from all over the lower mainland.

How do I book a counselling week?

Email to book a counselling week. Please state your name, grade and school in your email and the week you would like to come up. Please ensure you have attended a training weekend before the counselling dates. We’d love to hear from you!

Can I counsel with friends?

Yes. Many people come up to counsel with friends, though it is unlikely that you will be in the same cabin or field study. We try to group counsellors from different schools together, so you can make new friends and to help create a team atmosphere. We often limit the number of students from one school for this same reason. We’ve found that when large groups of friends come up together, it negatively impacts the team and other counsellors may feel excluded.

When are the training weekends held?

We have three training weekends throughout the year (usually September, November, and February). The dates will be posted on the counsellor application form.

Do I get volunteer hours for counselling?

Yes! Dependent on the number of days you counsel and the programming involved, you can accrue anywhere from 35-67hrs.

I used to be a counsellor in high school. Now I'm in university. Can I still counsel at Outdoor School?

Yes! We rely on experienced alumni to counsel alongside our high school counsellors. If you haven’t counselled in a few years, we may request that you retrain. You will need to get a criminal record check done, we will let you know more details when you get in touch. Please email or call 604-898-5422 ext 250 for more information.

Is your question not posted here?

Please email and we would be happy to answer it.

Hope to see you at Outdoor School!